Мanufacturing of an induction vacuum furnace
Мanufacturing of an induction vacuum furnace - photo 1
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Мanufacturing of an induction vacuum furnace

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Фиатов Геннадий
технический консультант
,  Belgorod, RU
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Manufacture under the order.

Designing and manufacturing of an induction vacuum furnace for melting titanium.

Vacuum melting furnaces are designed and manufactured for various modes of operation: batch and semi-continuous.

Each vacuum induction melting furnace is designed taking into account the individual requirements of the customer and the existing working conditions.

When designing furnaces, the conditions for the placement of the furnace, the charge materials used, the forms used, the ways of charging the additives, etc. are taken into account.
We send a questionnaire, on request.
We work with all countries of the world.

Calculation of the cost of a vacuum oven - after studying the technical specification.
Manufacturing of equipment in Ukraine.
We made many similar sets of induction melting furnaces and sold in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and others.
Sign the Contract.
We work under the contract and the contract.
The production time of this furnace (the whole set of equipment) is 3 months.
Our company can send Selling equipment the equipment to in any country of the European Union and the world, because, we have a license permit for Foreign Economic Activity (FEA).
The cost of delivery (logistics) to any country of the European Union and the world - must be calculated separately.
Weight of the entire melting set, approximately 3500 kg.
Photo equipment will send on request and questions.
Address - we will discuss, we will help online ( whatsapp, mail and others ).

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,  Belgorod, RU
Flagma member since 18 April 2015

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