Honey Homogenizer / creamer 100 kg
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Honey Homogenizer / creamer 100 kg

1 464 /штука
Условия поставки: EXW любой город Дании
Averkov Alexander
general Manager
,  Киев, UA
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Honey Homogenizer 100 kg
Homogenizer/creamer 100 kg

The creamer/homogenizer is a reliable, easy to clean tool. All our creamers come with safety shut-off electronics, which shuts off the machine the second you open the lid.
Our creaming rod ensures complete creaming of your honey. We offer both side drain and bottom drain tanks as well as bottom heaters.  
We can also deliver them as double walled tanks with heating or cooling system. Please contact us for prices.  
Incl. standard plug-in timer.  

It pays to invest in a honey creamer/homogenizer for two reasons: 
1)The honey automatically gets the right consistency.  
2)You save a lot of time and work.  

This is an international company. We are convinced that our success builds on the extensive experience and knowledge we gain by operating both domestically and abroad. We pride ourselves in serving everybody equally well, whether they are located next door or in Nepal!

During the last 35 years we have been sending our products to all corners of the world, something that has given us unparalleled experience and know-how in exports, logistics and freight. We therefore ship fast, cheaply and safely to everywhere. We are truly world wide.  

This relationship supplies us with unending ideas and inspiration, and is in more ways than one, our beach head to the global market. We are itching to get the new and eagerly anticipated season on the way, as we are sure you do too. We wish you (and your bees) all the best, and look forward to hearing from you.

After-sales service.
We always do utmost for our customers. Their satisfaction is a guarantee of the quality of our products. Therefore, we support the customer during all stages, from choosing the most suitable machine to purchase, guaranteeing all necessary spare parts and consumables and providing our constant telephone and local assistance, at any time and in the shortest possible time.

The manufacturer undertakes to repair or replace all defective parts within 12 months from the date of starting the equipment, except for electric, electronic and wear-prone parts. The equipment is removed from the warranty, if not used for its intended purpose. In case of repair or replacement, all costs for transportation, accommodation of the technician/s are paid by the buyer.

Installation is optional, not included in the price. The shipment period is approximately 30 days.

Note: the price excludes packing

Manufacturer: Danmark

Price from the factory: 1.464,00 EURO

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,  Киев, UA
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