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Extra Virgin oils – corn and linseed. Manufacturer
Цена по запросу
Рассветовские Масла, ООО, UA +10 объявлений
Extra Virgin oils – corn and linseed. Manufacturer Производим масло нерафинированное холодного отжима – кукурузное и льняное.
Sesame oil
6 $/шт FCA  
опт 6 - 7 $/шт
Ак Яг, ИП, TM +20 объявлений
Wishing you all the best and hoping for a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. We offer you our 100% unrefined first-class natural product -...
Sunflower oil
Цена по запросу
Армада К, ООО, UA +1 объявление
Selling sunflower oil from Ukraine. We offer direct supplies of quality sunflower oil, refined and not refined, in pet bottles and in bulk...
Цена по запросу
Кловер Груп, ООО, UA +1 объявление
We sell for export sunflower oil refined and unrefined, origin Ukraine. The minimum batch is 2000 MT / month. Annual contract. Payment is a letter...
Sea buckthorn oil
Оптовая цена
8.50 - 85 $/кг
Mountain Altai sea buckthorn oil is a powerful tool for the body to reach the peak of immune defense without medication. Great for people who are...
Crude sunflower oil
850 $/т  
опт 800 - 820 $/т
Trading 4 You, EPE, Афины +34 объявления
Product: Crude sunflower oil. Origin: Ukraine. Packaging : Flexi tank and bulk vessel (Crude) Quantity: 10000 MT/ month (Crude sunflower oil...
Refined Sunflower oil
985 $/т  
опт 850 - 2 025 $/т
Trading 4 You, EPE, Афины +34 объявления
Product: Refined Sunflower oil. Origin: Ukraine. Packaging : 0,5L/0,87L/0,924L/ 1L/ 3L/ 5L/20L bottle, flexi tank (Refined) Quantity: 8000 MT/...
Natural oils
2 $/bottle  
опт 1.44 - 5.90 $/bottle
Trading 4 You, EPE, Афины +34 объявления
Product: Natural oils. Origin: Ukraine. Packaging : 0,2L/0,5L (20 bottles in a box) Quantity: 300 MT/ month Min. order : 1 MT/month...
Refined / virgin / extra virgin olive oil
4 €/л  
опт 2.50 - 3.50 €/л
Trading 4 You, EPE, Афины +34 объявления
Origin: Spain Size: 1L, 5L Packing: Pet Bottles
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